Hire a Professional Operator with Your Dingo Digger

Digger + Operator = $75 per hour (Min hire $200)

Yes, that's right. You get the digger plus a professional operator at just $75 per hour*. This is an all inclusive service provides everything in our equipment kit and the labour to do it. (This per hour rate is not in addition to the standard machine hire of $250.)

Our minimum hire is just $200 which includes 2.5 hours of time inlcuding our travel to and from the site. After this the rate continues at $75 per hour.

There are some occasions where it makes more sense to use our expertise on our machines to get your job done.  Not only does it save you time, it can also save you money whilst achieving a professional result.

Hire rate for a Dingo with operator:

Licenced operator BLD264356

$75 per hour*-inc. G.S.T. (Min hire $200)

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Take time to consider if we can do the job for you.  If you have a muti faceted job with trenching, excavation and footings the $75 per hour covers the use of all out kit. (this is not in addition to a standard machine hire of $250.  $75 is the total hourly rate for us to do your job, depot to depot. (min hire $200)

If all you have to do is a small amount of trenching or hole boring it could cost you less than a day of digger hire.

For those who are conducting work in the trades, we can save you paying an employee on top of the machine hire rates by hiring us including the machine for a flat $75 per hour inc G.S.T.* (and claim the G.S.T. back)

If your job is big or small we would love to bring our expertise to your backyard or site to get your job done with ease.

Next time you are hire a dingo consider the option of using our operator to get your job done.

Terms & Conditions

  1. * The $75 p/h rate includes travel time from depot to depot.
  2. * The minimum hire includes 2.5 hours of time including travel to your site and return. (depot to depot)
  3. * This price includes an operator and machine and all attachements needed.
  4. A same day booking fee of $50 may apply if a job needs to be completed within 8 hours of the enquiry. (due to rescheduling other bookings)
  5. If time is required to quote and assess more complex jobs time may be considered in the total operator charge.


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