Our range of attachments for hire

We have the most commonly used attachments to make your Kanga hire even more effective.  

Take a look at the range and their prices below.


4-in-1 bucket

Included in hire package.

Makes your job easier with the ability to open and close your bucket. 4-in-1 by name and 4-in-1 by function. Open the bucket to grab soil or scrape down and level a site. You can back fill a trench with the blade and or course, just use the bucket in the closed conventional position to dig out. (check our video on the function of the 4-in-1)



$50 per day inc. G.S.T.

This trenching attachment has to be one of the most enjoyable attachments to use. This is partly becuase the machine makes digging a trench so easy.  It is also becuase I'm not doing it!  The bigger machines have a 1200mm blade with a 125mm cut.  This attachment is great for getting your electrical run down, putting in storm water, irrigation or gas.



$50 per day inc. G.S.T.

 With auger sizes at 230mm, 300mm and 450mm we have one to suit your job.  From plating trees, to putting in fence posts, right through to shed footing and retaining wall holes. With an extention bar this attachment has the capacity to get you down to 1.8 metres.  Much more than that an you can start prospecting for minerals!


Sleeper grab

$20 per day inc. G.S.T.

This grab suits all sleeper sizes.  It makes the installation of your concrete sleepers far more enjoyable and safe than with you and your mate risking the loss of a finger! 

Levelling bar

$20 per day inc. G.S.T.

I can't reccomend this attachment enough for getting your site prepared for concrete, paving or mulching.  It gives you a great finish and is easy to use.


Ripper bar

$20 per day inc. G.S.T.

Sometimes the soil is tight and the ripper bar is a great option to break up the earth so you can make a start on your excavation. It also serves you well in soil renovation where ripping is required before the soil mediums are applied. (ie rip the clay bed, apply gypsum and then your top soil and incorporate) 


 $20 per day inc. G.S.T.

If you come from outside our delivery zones you can save some money by hiring our trailer and picking your machine up. There are also occasions where you need to get the digger from one site to the next.  This trailer comes with all the attachment mounts you'll need if getting stuck into that big job.

When searching for Adelaide Dingo Digger Hire look no further than U Kanga Do It. Visit this site to see the incredible range of Kanga attachments.