Kanga Digger Hire

Our Kanga digger hire comes with a standard bucket for the most common work. You can use the bucket attachment as a glorified wheelbarrow.  Or it will supply you with the ability to cut into the soil to excavate out to your required depth. We can also supply a ripper (up to 3 tine), leveller and jib for $20 extra each to the standard hire rate of $250 per day. (These extra attachments need to be requested at the time of booking.)

You could also add these attachments to your Kanga digger hire.

Post hole digger: For all your fenching, retaining wall and footing jobs we can supply a posthole attachment to dig your easiest holes ever! There are two auger sizes, 250mm (general purpose), 300mm and 450mm for shed footing and retaing walls. On request we can supply an extension bar to dig beyond 800mm.  This will enable you to take a hole to 1.6 metres which will be sufficient for almost any backyard application.

Trencher: The digger attachment makes storm water, irrigation and electrical trenching easy. The attachment cuts a 120mm trench up to and beyond 600mm.  All you need to do is mark out your trenching line, find your depth and believe it or not, you are trenching!  It'll feel peculiar not swinging on a shovel or crowbar but it can be done this easy! For the best side kick in the business use U Kanga Do It for your Kanga digger hire!

A part of our service with your Kanga digger hire includes some tutorial on how to best use the attachments. There are tips and tricks which you'll learn but we can give you the heads up to make your time even more productive.  

Kanga digger specifications here

The Kanga digger/loader is easy to use. Watch this clip. U Kanga YouTube Chanel.

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